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North East Youth Soccer Organization



At NEYSO we have made several changes to the recreational program to enhance the quality of training and the quality of play.  These changes will put us in line with US Youth Soccer recommendations and in line with most other organizations in AAYSA. The U5/6 will play 3v3 with no keeper and U7/8 will now play 4v4 with no keeper.  U9/10 will remain 6v6 with a keeper.  Field sizes for U5/6 and U7/8 will be adjusted to accommodate the new team sizes.  We will also be instituting what is called the "New Ball" method of play at the U5/6.  This is a method that keeps the kids playing instead of standing around and guarantees many more touches on the ball.  Simply put, a new ball is rolled back into the field anytime a ball goes out of play. In an informal survey of several games last season the ball was in play for an average of under 3 minutes per 8 minute quarter.  That is a lot of time that kids should be playing and not waiting around.  Coaches will be trained on this new method.  For more information in regards to the advancement and concept of this method please select the link provided here.