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NEYSO Spring Registration


Interested in jumping in the remaining Fall 2020 season?
Please email [email protected] 


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  • U4 Registration- Born (Jan 1, 2017-Dec 31, 2017)                                                                         



  • U5 Registration- Born (Jan 1, 2016-Dec 31, 2016)   
  • U6 Registration- Born (Jan 1, 2015-Dec 31, 2015)                                                                           



  • U7 Registration- Born (Jan 1, 2014-Dec 31, 2014)   
  • U8 Registration- Born (Jan 1, 2013-Dec 31, 2013)                                                                               



  • U9 Registration- Born (Jan 1, 2012-Dec 31, 2012)   
  • U10 Registration- Born (Jan 1, 2011-Dec 31, 2011)                                                                            



  • U11-Up Registration- Born (Jan 1, 2010-Dec 31, 2002)                                                                  .

Important Dates

Registration: Important Dates

-Regular Registration: Begins January 3rd 

Spring Season: Important Dates

-Team Formation, March 2nd

-Practice Commence, Day is assigned to coach availability  (Team will be contacted by coach once formed)

-U9 / Up Season Begins, March 21st

-U4 / U8 Season Begins, March 21st

-April 11-12 (Easter Weekend Off)

-Season Ends, May 9th

For more information contact Director of Recreation

Field Sites

Locations:  Our recreation program is determined by the zip codes and the number of players that register.  When you register online please indicate location you prefer to train at. If there are sufficient players by zip code request and a volunteer coach then we will allow teams to train at the location of choice. Teams are then guaranteed practice locations at either McAllister Park or Specht Rd.

McAllister Park 
13102 Jones Maltsberger Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247
Map Link

Specht Rd
204 W Specht Rd, San Antonio, TX 78260
Map Link

*Player Returning Policy
-Players will have the right to return back to their team given that they register within the Player's Return Right Deadline. If players register after the date then they are not guaranteed a spot back on their old team.

*Coaches Returning Policy
-Coaches will have the right to return back to their team given that they register within the Coaches Return Right Deadline.  If the coach registers after the date then they are not guaranteed the right to coach their old team. 

*Team Request Policy
-Any player that registers may request a particular team or individual. However, THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED!  We will consider the request and if possible the player will be placed upon their request.  

*Late Registration Policy
-Any player that registers after the Late Registration Deadline will be placed on a waiting list. These players will be on a first come serve basis. As soon as spots become available then teams will be properly formed.  For the case of not enough players then the amount of the registration will be returned, but not the late fee.  

*Uniform Policy
-Uniforms will be used for an entire year for returning players from the Fall to Spring. Our projections are based ahead of time and will be distributed among teams. Only new players that sign up in the Spring will receive a new uniform set.

*Refund Policy
-Refunds will only be given to players that do not have space on a roster/team