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May, 2013

Information Forum Summary

First, we would like to thank all those who took the time to attend one of our three informational forums as we begin a new chapter in NEYSO history. We hope you share our excitement at the many additions and improvements we will be making to our program. For those unable to attend, please review the following summary and direct any questions towards our Director of Soccer Operations, Jon Burklo, at
What is Liberty SC?-    

NEYSO will now be known as NEYSO Liberty SC under which there will be 3 programs by which players of every age and ability will have a home. 

    Liberty SC Programs:
        Recreation: The foundation of Liberty SC. Emphasis is placed on developing a love and passion for soccer while teaching the basic fundamentals of the game. Coaches are volunteers
        Academy: Serves as the bridge between recreational and competitive soccer. Emphasis is placed on creating a strong training environment focusing on the development of the individual. Coaches are professional, licensed trainers.
        Competitive: Competitive/travel/select soccer is designed for the more serious player. Teams are formed based on ability and all players must tryout. Coaches are professional, licensed trainers

What will NEYSO Liberty SC’s organizational structure be?
    Three Age Group Coordinators (AGC’s) will be hired to assist the Director of Soccer Operations with communication and logistics within each program.

What will NEYSO Liberty SC stand for?-          
    First and foremost, NEYSO Liberty SC will strive to provide an exceptional playing environment for players of all ages and abilities by which we can impart the values of hard work, determination, teamwork, confidence and humility. Our first priority will be to use the game of soccer to impart life lessons that will help develop strong young men and women.Secondly, NEYSO Liberty SC will be known for its commitment to true player development. Training sessions and games will be player-centered rather than parent, coach, or club centered

What will NEYSO Liberty SC’s coaching philosophy be?-          
    Our coaching philosophy will be centered around developing each individual player to their maximum capacity. At the youngest ages, the emphasis will be on developing our players technical ability while gradually introducing tactical concepts from individual to small group to team tactics.Additionally, all coaches will strictly adhere to the NEYSO Liberty SC Curriculum, which will define what and when the technical and tactical aspects of the game should be taught. As in school, our players must first master skills as an individual before they can be expected to be successful playing within a small group and within a team. Each coach will also use the same methodology and style of play to ensure that as players move from 1 coach to another, there is a continued consistent approach to the game.We will also have a firm commitment to placing winning and development in the proper context. We understand that soccer is a game and as a game teams are meant to try to win. We feel there is nothing wrong with winning, nor the desire to win. It is when this desire to win comes at the detriment of our player’s development that coaches must take a step back. Mistakes will not be seen as failures, but as opportunities for our players to learn and improve so that later in the developmental process they will be more equipped to achieve results.

How will NEYSO Liberty SC assist players desiring to play at the collegiate level?-          
    We want to make it clear that the majority of the work to be done in the collegiate recruiting process is on the player themselves. However, understanding the how’s and when’s of college recruiting is where the club will develop a comprehensive college education program. Through informational forums, visits by college coaches to inform and train teams, collegiate showcases. Additionally, with the help of the player, family, coach, AGC, and Director we will develop an individual plan for each player

What are the club fees?-          
    We understand the need to continue to be a low cost option for our players.   We will strive to ensure that as best we can, money will not be a reason why a player cannot play with NEYSO Liberty SC. With that in mind, we have set the following fees, which fall well below other competitive clubs:

        U5/U6-                 $95
        U7-U10-                $110
        U11 and up-         $135
        $350/season.  Uniform provided by Puma: $60 includes home and away game jersey, game short, game socks, and practice shirt.
        U11:                          $1,100
        U13 and up D2:         $1,200
        U13 & up S2 & up:   $1,300
        Uniform provided by Puma: $250 includes home and away game jersey, home and away game shorts, home and away game socks, practice shirt, practice shorts, practice socks, warm up jacket and pants, and a bag.

When are tryouts?
    U11-             May 13-15 6-7:30pm
    U12-U14-     May 27-29 6-7:30pm
    U15       and Up- May 27-29 7:30-9pm
    Location: McAllister Anderson Fields
    Players will be evaluated by our professional staff based on the four pillars of the game: Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychosocial.
    Tryouts will consist of activities to evaluate individual techniques, small sided games, and 8v8/11v11 games