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North East Youth Soccer Organization

What Drives Us


To provide a fun and exceptional playing environment for players of all ages and abilities by which we can impart the values of fun, respect, and teamwork.


As an organization, we feel it is our first and foremost priority to keep our kids in love with the game of soccer.  Soccer, as with all sports, presents a great opportunity to teach life lessons that will serve our players well beyond their playing years.  With that in mind, we will continually strive to develop the following key values in all of our players:

NEYSO Core Values:

Fun-players shall experience an environment that promotes self-discovery, creativity, imagination and play.

players will be taught the value of working together to achieve a goal with the importance of taking eachother into consideration

Teamwork- players will be taught to work with their teammates by performing specific roles that lead to team success

Determination- players will be taught to handle adversity and learn from their mistakes

players will be taught to keep themselves emotionally even keeled to never get too high or too low

Confidence- players will be uplifted in all training sessions and games to develop a sense of self-worth and belief

"Team sports teach you how to get along with other people.  A true mark of your character will be in how you treat that person who is the weakest link, when you are the strongest link."

                                                                                                                                                                                       -Chris Jordan